Naturally Treating Water



UET ושותפיה ברחבי העולם מתקינים מערכות חדשות ומפתחים פתרונות חדשים לטיפול במים אקולוגיים באופן קבוע.

להלן מבחר כתבות שנכתבו על UET ועל הפתרונות המתקדמים שלנו לטיפול במים


Cleaning the system with UET!!

In each UET system, supply water is passing through a series of reaction chambers which are configured to apply electrolysis to restore the supply water’s mineral balance to an optimum equilibrium. The chemical free water treatment produces biocides through the process of electro-chlorination, which eliminates bacteria and viruses in the water system. The electrolysis process also promotes oxidation and causes electrocoagulation and flocculation, which remove heavy metals from the water. Below is a comparison before (2017) and after (2018) implementing the UET water treatment on a large gland water service system. This supply water source is a combination of six different boreholes.

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UET in the Field

In order to design its water treatment systems and ensure proper treatment post-installation, UET technicians conduct water analyses in the field, which allow any critical adjustments to be made so that your systems will always produce optimal results.




UET AFRICA “open” for business

UET AFRICA’s new “open concept” containerized system ready for delivery.

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Summer Camp

July 2018 – UET systems being assembled on the production floor, before being shipped to India, Switzerland and the U.S., to provide water treatment in various industrial applications, without the addition of chemical additives!



Time Out in Jerusalem

Representatives of Jotem Waterbehandeling BV (NL) visited UET in Israel to further develop their relationship in representing UET’s water treatment technology within the European market. After visiting our installation that treats the water systems of the Mamilla Hotel and shopping mall, they walked across the street to enjoy some of the sites of Jerusalem’s Old City.Time out Jotem in the shuk



The treatment is cemented

A large cooling tower is used at a local cement plant to cool water in a steam condenser. After 15-months of CHEMICAL-FREE operation, the UET technology REDUCED the effluent BLOW-DOWN by nearly 100%.

In each UET system, the supply water passes through a series of reaction chambers, which are configured to apply partial-electrolysis in order to restore the supply water’s mineral balance to an optimum equilibrium.

By applying DC voltage to electrodes in the chambers, H+ and OH- ions are produced by partial-electrolysis. The addition of OH- ions promotes scale formation on the wall of the UET chambers. We are currently removing more than 500kg of scale and excess minerals per month.

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Gland water made easy

Removing scale from gland water systems have never been so easy!! UET removed significant amount of scale from the UET-Reactors whilst cleaning. The scale would have precipitated within the pipelines, blocking the gland water supply system.

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UET is in mint condition!

In collaboration with EVAPCO, UET AFRICA started a brand new water treatment system at The South African Mint.  Currently they are achieving ZERO blowdown while using NO chemicals to treat their cooling water.

SA Mint



It was all thumbs up during the start-up of UET’s new system at a large sugar mill in India, which was designed to treat a 2,400 m3/h cooling tower, and raise the cycles of concentration from 4 to 15, thus saving appox. 27,000 m3 of water per year by reducing the amount of blowdown.



On a slow boat to China…

UET is almost ready to ship 2 fully containerized systems that will be installed in a coal gasification plant in western China to solve scale problems in the water circuit, allieviate concerns of ash in grey water, replace chemical additives, and reduce water blow-down. The two containers together will treat 600m3/h.