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Total Water Savings
Total Cost Savings
Total Chemical Reduction
Total Water Savings
Total Cost Savings
Total Chemical Reduction


Water treatment without harmful chemicals in year 1, and still in 2021 with UET! 31, Jan - Scientists recently discovered that the ancient Mayans used an advanced water treatment system by employing the mineral zeolite to trap and extract harmful micro-organisms and harmful metals, much as UET employs partial-electrolysis to extract the excess of minerals in water systems to prevent harmful scale buildup, in addition to preventing corrosion and bio-contamination. UET…that’s the […]
UET’s new Israel Market Manager 27, Jan - UET Recycling Industrial Water LTD. welcomes Itai Shpilman as it’s new Israel Market Manager. Itai brings with him over two decades of experience in the water, control and equipment industries and is a valuable addition to UET’s established knowledge and its management team. He will contribute to the development of new systems, technology and market […]

Case Studies

  • Rabin Medical Center

    Rabin Medical Center

    Total Water Management

    This product is designed for pre-treatment of feed water to reverse-osmosis systems.
    The product cancels the need for use of chemicals, anti-scale inhibitors or softeners for the pre-treatment of RO...

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    Total Water Savings: 45%
    Total Cost Savings: 18%
  • Siemens Solar Power Plant

    Siemens Solar Power Plant

    Cooling Tower System (UET – CT)

    Siemens hired UET to solve problems of poor water quality and improve concentration cycles at a major solar power plant in Lebrija, Spain. UET units were installed in their cooling towers and the crew was trained in their...

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    Total Water Savings: 58%
    Total Cost Savings: 21%
  • Soda Stream

    Soda Stream

    Specific cooling water treatment

    Drinks company SodaStream entrusted UET with the management of their water systems, to ensure that their water meets the highest safety...

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    Total Water Savings: 38%
    Total Cost Savings: 28%
  • Israel Aerospace Industries

    Israel Aerospace Industries

    Total Water Management Service

    The large manufacturing complex of the world-renowned defense contractor Israel Aircraft Industries requires approximately 150 water treatment units, which UET has managed for over 15...

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    Total Water Savings: 31%
    Total Cost Savings: 25%
  • Marvell Semiconductors

    Marvell Semiconductors

    Reverse Osmosis System (UET - RO)

    UET water treatment systems remove heavy metals and minerals from the supply water of worldwide semi-conductor manufacturing...

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    Total Water Savings: %
    Total Cost Savings: %
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