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Some of our success stories



    See how UET has helped Biopuremax to improve performance at pharmaceutical companies around the world. In particular, hear about UET's installation at Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.

    "The system has excelled in keeping the RO membranes free of any precipitation, including silica." Shlomo Sackstein,...

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  • Boeing is flying high with UET!

    Boeing is flying high with UET!


    UET-CT treats cooling towers at The Boeing Company for scale, corrosion and silica deposits, while increasing cycles of concentration and eliminating chemical...

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  • KETER mold protected by UET-CCWS

    KETER mold protected by UET-CCWS


    UET installed a UET-CCWS unit to remove dissolved Fe and prevent scale...

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  • Italian dairy chills with UET

    Italian dairy chills with UET

    UET-ChemFree CT™

    An Italian dairy had been using chemical additives to avoid scale problems on chiller tubes, without any great success. Although using chemical treatment, the tubes were...

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  • Unilever – Arad, Israel

    Unilever – Arad, Israel


    Since 2006, UET has provided Unilever's facility in Arad, Israel with a chemical-free treatment to prevent corrosion and bio-contamination in their closed cooling water...

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  • Unigel – Cubatao Brazil

    Unigel – Cubatao Brazil


    UET provides non-chemical water treatment through a set of reactors driven by DC current, which control a partial electrolysis of chemical reactions, thereby encouraging scale...

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  • ArcelorMittal cooling tower treatment in Brazil

    ArcelorMittal cooling tower treatment in Brazil


    Before UET, the cooling towers suffered from constant stoppages due to scale sedimentation, although being treated by chemical...

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  • Mamba Cement (South Africa)

    Mamba Cement (South Africa)

    6X(4X4) UET-STD Reactors

    Mamba is a factory that generates its own electricity and produces...

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  • TERNA (Italy)

    TERNA (Italy)

    1x8 UET-Standard reactor set

    To help solve scaling issues in the system so that energy production can me...

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  • UET technology tested by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    UET technology tested by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    UET-CT-SR 1x4

    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory tested UET's technology that uses electricity to create a chemical reaction. Researchers found that the system effectively treated the...

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  • UET’s Electrochemical Water Treatment

    UET’s Electrochemical Water Treatment

    UET-CT-SR 1x4

    Electrochemical water treatment uses electricity to create a chemical reaction, which researchers found to effectively treat water without the expense of added chemicals and...

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  • The US-GSA judges UET’s technology to be very effective

    The US-GSA judges UET’s technology to be very effective


    U.S. Federal building saves water and eliminates chemical...

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  • Barberton Gold Mines

    Barberton Gold Mines

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment at one of the largets gold mines in...

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  • Rabin Medical Center

    Rabin Medical Center

    Total Water Management

    This product is designed for pre-treatment of feed water to reverse-osmosis systems.
    The product cancels the need for use of chemicals, anti-scale inhibitors or softeners...

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  • Siemens Solar Power Plant

    Siemens Solar Power Plant

    Cooling Tower System (UET – CT)

    Siemens hired UET to solve problems of poor water quality and improve concentration cycles at a major solar power plant in Lebrija, Spain. UET units were installed in their...

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  • Soda Stream

    Soda Stream

    Total Water Management Service

    Drinks company SodaStream entrusted UET with the management of their water systems, to ensure that their water meets the highest safety...

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  • Israel Aerospace Industries

    Israel Aerospace Industries

    Total Water Management Service

    The large manufacturing complex of the world-renowned defense contractor Israel Aircraft Industries requires approximately 150 water treatment units, which UET has managed for...

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  • Marvell Semiconductors

    Marvell Semiconductors

    Reverse Osmosis System (UET - RO)

    UET water treatment systems remove heavy metals and minerals from the supply water of worldwide semi-conductor manufacturing...

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  • Medinol


    Reverse Osmosis Treatment Units

    UET installed RO treatment units to prevent bio-contamination and produce pharmaceutical grade sterile water for a sterile manufacturing...

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  • City-center Hotel

    City-center Hotel

    Hot Water Treatment System (UET - HW)

    A prominent city-center hotel and shopping center development was designed with UET units installed in their air-conditioning systems, but they chose to treat the hard water...

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  • Manufacturing In The Desert

    Manufacturing In The Desert

    Hot Water Treatment System (UET - HW)

    UET's hot water treatment system prevents scale build-up in a facility where the use of hazardous chemicals would damage the...

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  • Medical Centers

    Medical Centers

    Water Disinfection Systems (UET-D-GO)

    UET's water disinfection systems successfully prevent bacterial contamination of the water supply to eye clinics and their operating...

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  • Platinum Mine

    Platinum Mine

    Cooling Tower System (UET – CT)

    A platinum mining company in South Africa was using chemicals to treat hard water but found significant scale formation in the heat exchanger of one of its cooling towers after...

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