Naturally Treating Water


Case Study: Boeing is flying high with UET!

Case Details:

  • Sector: Aviation
  • Purpose: Excess scale and corrosion; costs of chemical treatments.
  • Installation: UET-CT
  • Customer: The Boeing Company

Boeing cooling towers treated with UET-CT

1UET’s products have been serving The Boeing Company in Seattle for several years as a water treatment solution package to treat water in the Cooling Towers (CT) of the plant.

These solutions work without any chemical additives, and yet are superior in their technology, performance and cost effectiveness.




Treatment results:

  • Water Conservation – increased the cycles of concentration from 4 to 40 – practically achieving zero 3liquid discharge
  • Reduced the corrosion rate from 7mpy to less than 1
  • Eliminated silica deposits that required acid cleaning of the heat exchanger at least once a year; moved to zero
  • Dramatically reduced chemical additive consumption

Boeing is flying high with UET!

Savings Table

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