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Case Study: Italian dairy chills with UET

Case Details:

  • Sector: Food industry
  • Purpose: Cooling tubes were totally clogged with scale and heat transfer was badly affected.
  • Installation: UET-ChemFree CT™
  • Customer: Italian dairy

Warm milk may be good to induce sleep, but this dairy needed to chill out.

About the Customer1

This Italian dairy produces milk and milk products, packs it and distributes it to the market.  The main market segments are:  UHT milk, pasteurized milk, UHT cream, yogurt and fruit beverages.


About the Cooling System 2

The cooling system is a type of evaporator condenser cooling tower in which the cooling water chills ammonia that runs through tubes.  The water then returns to the water tank and circulates, thus causing a temperature drop by evaporation.


3About the previous water treatment

The factory had been using chemical additives to avoid scale problems on the tubes, without any great success. Although using chemical treatment, the tubes were totally clogged with scale and heat transfer was badly affected.


4About UET water treatment

UET water treatment is a non-chemical solution. The water from the water tank circulates through the UET equipment and returns back to the water tank.

UET’s equipment is comprised by a set of reactors driven by DC current, which controls the partial electrolysis chemical reactions and encourages the scale potential to be materialized in the reactors instead of on the tubes.6

UET removes historical scale from the cooling equipment and re-forms it in its reactors. Since this process is done without chemicals, the equipment is named UET-ChemFree CT™


About the UET water treatment results

7Since installation of UET’s equipment, the cooling water system no longer suffers from scale deposits or from corrosion acceleration. Additionally, bio-life has been eliminated through the anodic reactions in UET’s reactors.  Historical scale was gradually removed and the factory’s equipment started to be restored slowly.

Italian dairy chills with UET

Savings Table

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