Naturally Treating Water


Case Study: Unilever – Arad, Israel

Case Details:

  • Sector: Food
  • Purpose: Corrosion and bio-contamination
  • Installation: UET-CCWS
  • Customer: Unilever

Targets met

Operating Since: 2006
• Unit Model: CCWS
• Unit Type: Chemical-free water treatment for closed cooling circuits

Purpose of treatment:
1. Deceleration of corrosion rate
2. Oxidation and removal of dissolved Fe
3. Removal of corrosion products and sludge from the water
4. Mild disinfection to prevent bio-contamination

1. Fe Levels kept under 0.1-0.3ppm
2. Lengthened the system life span
3. Conservation of energy
4. Clear water over time

Unilever – Arad, Israel

Savings Table

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