Naturally Treating Water




Universal Environmental Technology (UET) and its partners around the world are constantly installing new systems and developing new solutions for ecological water treatment.

Here are some recent updates.


Be water smart with UET!

UET’s technology brings a unique and sophisticated approach to treating water in industrial settings, addressing many difficult situations such as low-grade feed water, high water and chemical additive costs and ever-increasing effluent discharge regulations.

Contact UET to see how we can help you to become more cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly and water-smart! +972-8-649-4889;



UET-D Booster

Hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions are taking advantage of the properties of UET-D to disinfect, without using any chemicals.


On a slow boat to China…

UET is almost ready to ship 2 fully containerized systems that will be installed in a coal gasification plant in western China to solve scale problems in the water circuit, allieviate concerns of ash in grey water, replace chemical additives, and reduce water blow-down. The two containers together will treat 600m3/h.



UET on Ynet

Cutting edge solutions for the water industry!

Ynet news has published an article w/video on how UET Recycling Industrial Water Ltd. is changing the face of water treatment around the world.   Check it out!:,7340,L-5006087,00.html


UET in Azerbaijan

UET’s Director of Marketing and Business Development (Ilan Sosnovitch) recently attended a water industry tradeshow in Baku, Azerbaijan along with our partners in Turkey – Lamor Eco. The group was there to promote interest in UET’s green chemistry solutions for industrial water treatment solutions, in a market that is increasingly looking at ways to effectively prevent fouling, while cutting costs and avoiding new environmental regulations. Contact or call +972-8-649-4889 for more information.



Happy Anniversary – UET at Unilever for 10 years!

On target for 10 years, keeping Unilever’s factory in Arad, Israel free of corrosion and bio-contamination.                                  Contact to see how your company can benefit.

Operating Since: 2006

Unit Type: Chemical-free water treatment for closed cooling circuits

Treatment purpose: 1. Deceleration of corrosion rate 2. Oxidation and removal of dissolved Fe 3. Removal of corrosion products and sludge from the water 4. Mild disinfection to prevent bio-contamination

Results: 1. Fe Levels kept under 0.1-0.3ppm 2. Lengthened the system life span 3. Conservation of energy 4. Clear water over time

Unilever Arad



New UET-RO system on the factory floor, being readied for packing and shipment. UET’s complete RO system produces de-mineralized water at various required qualities. The pre-treatment process protects membranes by removing scale, corrosion and bio-life elements before entering the system, without utilizing any chemicals.  Contact for additional information.

New RO system

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