Naturally Treating Water



Universal Environmental Technology (UET) and its partners around the world are constantly installing new systems and developing new solutions for ecological water treatment.

Here are some recent updates.


Aquatech Amesterdam 2015 – Nov. 3-6, 2015

UET will be exhibiting its water treatment technologies at the Aquatech Amsterdam 2015 trade exhibition November 3-6, 2015 in Amsterdam.   Please come and visit us at Stand 07.506.

Aquatech Amsterdam is the world’s leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and wastewater, featuring a European trade exhibition with a 100% focus on water. In 2013 Aquatech Amsterdam attracted 750+ exhibitors and over 18,500 international visitors. In 2015 the trade exhibition features an InnovationLAB, Innovation Awards, the Storm Water Pavilion, Country Pavilions, the Industrial User Experience, the Industrial Leaders Forum, Aquastages and much more.


UET pharma application

This video explains some of the benefits of UET’s treatment system that reduces waste, maintenance and chemical usage in pharma applications. Contact UET to see how your company can take advantage!


Hospitals benefit from UET

Amongst the many essential sectors to which UET provides water treatment services is that of hospitals. This video explains how UET can be an important part of any hospital’s water system.


Be water smart with UET!

UET’s technology brings a unique and sophisticated approach to treating water in industrial settings, addressing many difficult situations such as low-grade feed water, high water and chemical additive costs and ever-increasing effluent discharge regulations.

Contact UET to see how we can help you to become more cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly and water-smart! +972-8-649-4889;


UET Hazard Remover

Final assembly and shipping to a client of UET’s unique solution for the removal of hazardous materials from drinking water through oxidation, then filtering them out.


Come fly with UET

A UET system under construction to provide wastewater treatment and recycling at an aviation manufacturing factory in Israel.


UET Booster

Hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions are taking advantage of the properties of UET-D to disinfect, without using any chemicals.


UET vs. COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has emphasized the need to use UET’s green oxidation and disinfection units, which are based on partial electrolysis and control the amount of chlorine that needs to be produced to kill all diseases and viruses in the water.

UET is busy implementing the UET-GO disinfection in sensitive places, such as nursing homes, hospitals and medical clinics. Although UET-D-GO produces chlorine, it does not hurt human skin; so while users of this water achieve good results, they do not suffer any ill effects.

Currently, UET is enhancing this product by developing an automatic cleaning function, in which the production of chlorine will not be reduced.


UET-D Booster

UET-D Booster was developed specifically to tackle difficult cases of bio-contamination. As always, there are no chemical additives in UET solutions; however, in this case, to add a “boost” to the treatment, regular salt (NaCl) is added to the tank to generate more naturally-produced chlorine.



On this World Water Day 2020, UET reiterates its commitment to the sustainable management of fresh water resources through their reuse in industrial and commercial applications, thereby reducing the use of drinking water and freeing it up for individual consumption. This has been one UET’s explicit goals since its founding in 1992. We’ve come a long way in realizing this…but there’s still a long way to go. Together, we can get there faster!


UET-D and COVID-19

In the face of the global pandemic, UET remains steadfast in its commitment to provide solutions to vital industries so that they may continue to operate and provide essential services to all citizens. These include hospitals, utilities, governmental agencies and military facilities, which all rely on water systems free of bio-contamination.

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