Naturally Treating Water



Universal Environmental Technology (UET) and its partners around the world are constantly installing new systems and developing new solutions for ecological water treatment.

Here are some recent updates.


UET-D Booster

Hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions are taking advantage of the properties of UET-D to disinfect, without using any chemicals.


UET vs. COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has emphasized the need to use UET’s green oxidation and disinfection units, which are based on partial electrolysis and control the amount of chlorine that needs to be produced to kill all diseases and viruses in the water.

UET is busy implementing the UET-GO disinfection in sensitive places, such as nursing homes, hospitals and medical clinics. Although UET-D-GO produces chlorine, it does not hurt human skin; so while users of this water achieve good results, they do not suffer any ill effects.

Currently, UET is enhancing this product by developing an automatic cleaning function, in which the production of chlorine will not be reduced.


UET-D Booster

UET-D Booster was developed specifically to tackle difficult cases of bio-contamination. As always, there are no chemical additives in UET solutions; however, in this case, to add a “boost” to the treatment, regular salt (NaCl) is added to the tank to generate more naturally-produced chlorine.



On this World Water Day 2020, UET reiterates its commitment to the sustainable management of fresh water resources through their reuse in industrial and commercial applications, thereby reducing the use of drinking water and freeing it up for individual consumption. This has been one UET’s explicit goals since its founding in 1992. We’ve come a long way in realizing this…but there’s still a long way to go. Together, we can get there faster!


UET-D and COVID-19

In the face of the global pandemic, UET remains steadfast in its commitment to provide solutions to vital industries so that they may continue to operate and provide essential services to all citizens. These include hospitals, utilities, governmental agencies and military facilities, which all rely on water systems free of bio-contamination.


UET Fiesta!

UET-CCWS system on its way to Mexico to treat the closed water system of a plastics manufacturer, which also includes a UET 1×4 system with 4 sand filters. The unit was designed to oxidize and remove Fe from the water stream, and to provide mild disinfection for the water loop…all within a Chemical-Free solution.


Article 95

As part of UET’s ongoing effort to provide natural biocidal treatment for water systems, our electro-clorination process has been included in the European Union’s Article 95 list of approved active substances.



Genie in a bottle?

Not exactly, but UET’s system sized for a compact area in a food production plant was designed to contaminate (yes, contaminate) the water system so that the plant could run constant quality assurance tests on their filters for seven different lines. The project was complex due to the weight limitation of the floors, so the water had to be carefully distributed over the surface area.

IMG-20190805-WA0000 IMG-20190805-WA0001 IMG-20190805-WA0003


Visit to Lebrija, Spain

UET’s founder – David Sherzer – just returned from a visit to our installation at a solar thermal plant in Lebrija, Spain, where UET’s technology has been keeping the water system clean from scale, corrosion and bio-contamination for the past 10 years – with zero chemical additives!

Soleval 1 Soleval 2 Soleval 4


UET from on high

A UET installation from on high, treating the cooling towers at the largest copper mine in Africa.
From large to small…UET has the right solution to keep water in balance, thereby avoiding problems of scale, corrosion and bio-contamination.
Customer situation:
• Very Poor Water Quality
• Very poor cooling tower condition after extensive dosing
• Expensive chemical additive costs
• Continuous issues with scaling and corrosion (13.5 mpy with chemical treatment)
UET solutions:
• Huge amount of scale removed from the cooling water – 550Kg in every 2 months.
• Historical scale removed as well
• Corrosion rate reduced to 1.3 mpy
• Total water saving – 35,000 m3 per year
• Total Cost Saving – ~$216,000 per year
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