Naturally Treating Water



Universal Environmental Technology (UET) and its partners around the world are constantly installing new systems and developing new solutions for ecological water treatment.

Here are some recent updates.


The treatment is cemented

A large cooling tower is used at a local cement plant to cool water in a steam condenser. After 15-months of CHEMICAL-FREE operation, the UET technology REDUCED the effluent BLOW-DOWN by nearly 100%.

In each UET system, the supply water passes through a series of reaction chambers, which are configured to apply partial-electrolysis in order to restore the supply water’s mineral balance to an optimum equilibrium.

By applying DC voltage to electrodes in the chambers, H+ and OH- ions are produced by partial-electrolysis. The addition of OH- ions promotes scale formation on the wall of the UET chambers. We are currently removing more than 500kg of scale and excess minerals per month.

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Gland water made easy

Removing scale from gland water systems have never been so easy!! UET removed significant amount of scale from the UET-Reactors whilst cleaning. The scale would have precipitated within the pipelines, blocking the gland water supply system.

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UET is in mint condition!

In collaboration with EVAPCO, UET AFRICA started a brand new water treatment system at The South African Mint. Currently they are achieving ZERO blowdown while using NO chemicals to treat their cooling water.

SA Mint



It was all thumbs up during the start-up of UET’s new system at a large sugar mill in India, which was designed to treat a 2,400 m3/h cooling tower, and raise the cycles of concentration from 4 to 15, thus saving appox. 27,000 m3 of water per year by reducing the amount of blowdown.



On a slow boat to China…

UET is almost ready to ship 2 fully containerized systems that will be installed in a coal gasification plant in western China to solve scale problems in the water circuit, allieviate concerns of ash in grey water, replace chemical additives, and reduce water blow-down. The two containers together will treat 600m3/h.



Bronze is Best!

UET recently took third place at an industrial innovation competition amongst select companies that participated in the final round during an innovation seminar.

We congratulate the entire UET team for their efforts to bring more awareness to its sustainable and environmentally friendly solution in the field of industrial water treatment!



Relief is on the way!

A bio-tech company in Brazil is now enjoying the benefits of UET’s Chem-Free CT treatment, which is expected to raise the cycles of concentration from 13 to 30. This will not only save the company significant amounts of money, but will also help relieve the recently experienced water shortages, which is good for everyone!

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UET in Turkey


Yet another successful UET installation (bottom right), in this case to treat a cooling tower in Turkey (left), to prevent the formation of scale, corrosion and bio-contamination, all without additive chemicals!

See project details below:

Basin – 1300 m3

CT circulation pumps – 12

Cooling flow rate – 3176 m3/h

Water quality –

4000 μS conductivity of make-up water.

450 ppm of total hardness.

900 ppm of carbonate hardness.

70 ppm of silica

External heat exchangers – 4

R&D heat exchanger connected on site – 1

Temperature sensors on each line

Cooling water DeltaT – 2

Process water DeltaT 10

UET circulation – 800 m3/h

Dedicated UET pumps – 3

Water pressure – 1.5 Bar


Flow meter

Conductivity meter

Communication to all units through Backsoft

8 UET 4×4 unit

Izdemir 2 Izdemir 3


The jewel in the crown

A potential partner from Switzerland visited UET’s headquarters and had a close encounter with the crowing jewel of a large mall/cinema in Beersheva, Israel – a UET 4×4 system treating the CT water circuit to prevent a buildup of scale and bio-contamination – 100% free of chemical additives.




While scale buildup in a heat exchanger or water system can be disasterous for industrial processes…in a UET reactor, it can be a thing of beauty. Below is a calcium/silica formation in a UET reactor treating the water system of a large mall in Israel.
These hard minerals (calcium, silica, etc.) were removed from the facility’s cooling system, in which they would have settled in the heat exchanger and pipes without treatment. Achieved through a process that is 100% free of chemical additives, UET’s technology removes the costs, logistics and hazards related to traditional chemical treatment.
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