Naturally Treating Water


Cooling Tower System (UET – CT)

UET’s most widely used three-in-one technology treats open cooling systems to prevent scale, corrosion and bacterial contamination, enabling water reuse and eliminating chemical consumption.

Customized Solutions

The UET Cooling Tower treatment system is designed to utilize the natural properties of the water to solve three problems simultaneously: scale, corrosion and bacterial contamination. Each system is custom-designed according to the mineral composition of your local supply water, using a unique algorithm to designate the chemical reactions necessary to neutralize these excess minerals. This system is suitable to treat water at any cooling tower application – Power Plants, Industry, Institutions, Commercial and more.

Product Detail

  • Single unit prevents scaling, corrosion and bacteria

  • Safe and environmentally friendly, reducing chemical usage
  • Saves substantial amounts of water by increasing concentration cycles
  • Reduces cooling tower’s operational and maintenance costs & down-time

  • Physically removes scale inside the heat exchange reactors

  • Factory pre-wired and pre-plumbed system for easy installation
  • Automatic flushing control and reliable diaphragm-operated valves
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of parts
  • Controller indicates actual current and automatically adjusts amperage

  • Fast connection to existing or new systems

  • Operating temperature 100 to 600 C
  • Integrated process control
  • Indicator and auto-repair current intensity
  • Full one year warranty from date of purchase

Typical Water Analysis

ParameterUnitsMake up waterCooling Circuit
Total hardnessPPM20-175105-950

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