Naturally Treating Water


Reverse Osmosis – UET-RO

Using UET’s technology will solve all major interferences and protect your membranes for the smooth operation of your Reverse Osmosis system without chemical pre-treatments.

Non-Chemical Pre-Treatment

UET’s RO system uses water electrolysis for the pre-treatment of RO membranes to control hard water deposits and minimize corrosion and bio-contamination. This natural process concentrates the scale deposits inside the electrolysis unit and reduces the scaling of the Reverse Osmosis membranes, improving the flow of water. The process also enables a substantial reduction in RO reject water, and the small quantity released contains no harmful chemicals.

Product Detail

  • Prolonging the life cycle of RO membranes.

  • Producing RO water without using water softeners.
  • Producing RO water without using anti-scale inhibitors.
  • Improving RO yield ratio and allowing reject water to be reused.
  • Budget-friendly and environmentally friendly.

  • Factory pre-wired and pre-plumbed system for easy installation.

  • Scale settles in UET unit and not on RO membrane.
  • Automatic controller facilitates removal of scale from UET unit.
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of parts.

  • Fast connection to existing or new systems

  • Local service and parts decrease down-time
  • Integrated process control
  • Full one year warranty from date of purchase

Typical Water Analysis

ParameterUnitsFeed waterProduct Water
Total hardnessPPM20-1750-30

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