Naturally Treating Water


Supply Water System – UET-SW

UET’s solution for general feed water purposes prevents scale, corrosion and bio-contamination in the feed line, enabling the safe use of drinking water for various applications without applying chemicals.

Safe Drinking Water

UET’s technology integrated in drinking water systems provides a wide range of protection to ensure the good quality of the water: Fe Removal, Mn Removal, Electro-coagulation prior filtration, Disinfection and more. Using UET-SW you will know that you will sustain a controlled quality of drinking water grade feed to your facility.

Product Detail

  • Residual biocide to maintain clean supply water lines to the consumer

  • Chemical-free application
  • No need for strong oxidant agents to oxidize Fe and Mn
  • No need for coagulants to improve filtration
  • No need of continuous biocide feed to maintain residual concentration

  • Factory pre-wired and pre-plumbed system for easy installation.

  • Controller indicates actual current and automatically adjusts amperage
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of parts
  • Automatic controller facilitates reactions in the UET unit.
  • Automatic flushing control and reliable diaphragm-operated valves

  • Fast connection to existing or new systems

  • Local service and parts decrease down-time
  • Integrated process control
  • Indicator and auto-repair current intensity
  • Full one year warranty from date of purchase

Typical Water Analysis

ParameterUnitsMake up waterTreated Water
Total hardnessPPM20-17510-170

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