Naturally Treating Water


UET from on high

A UET installation from on high, treating the cooling towers at the largest copper mine in Africa.
From large to small…UET has the right solution to keep water in balance, thereby avoiding problems of scale, corrosion and bio-contamination.
Customer situation:
• Very Poor Water Quality
• Very poor cooling tower condition after extensive dosing
• Expensive chemical additive costs
• Continuous issues with scaling and corrosion (13.5 mpy with chemical treatment)
UET solutions:
• Huge amount of scale removed from the cooling water – 550Kg in every 2 months.
• Historical scale removed as well
• Corrosion rate reduced to 1.3 mpy
• Total water saving – 35,000 m3 per year
• Total Cost Saving – ~$216,000 per year

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